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Top 10 Lunch Ideas for the Office Goer

Top 10 Lunch Ideas There is no business like food business. It needs a ‘foodpreneur’ to coin new phrases and cash in on the new business. FAST FOOD, DIET FOOD, ORGANIC FOOD, FUSION FOOD are just some examples. I will introduce you today to a new phrase: WORK LUNCH. Today, the workplace culture is very […]

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Home Made Chicken Majestic Recipe (5)

Home Made Chicken Majestic Recipe

Home Made Chicken Majestic Recipe Chicken majestic is one of the delicious recipe and even its one of the most popular starter with chicken. For this Chicken Majestic you need a boneless chicken. This dish is more famous on Hyderabad, and its very … [Read More...]

Veg Manchurian Dry,Mixed Vegetable Manchurian, Vegetable Manchurian,Vegetable Manchurian Gravy Recipe, Easy Chinese Recipe

Home Made Veg Manchurian Dry Recipe

Easy home made veg manchurian dry Recipe. Till a decade or two ago the Indian menu was restricted to rice, dal and vegetables.  Nowadays, however, we see a great deal of culinary fusion, leading to entirely new cuisines, the most popular being Indian … [Read More...]

prepare veg corn soup, chinese veg corn soup,veg sweet corn soup recipe, sweet corn veg soup

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup Recipe

How to make Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup Recipe Sweet Corn Soup - The soup which is made from corns and the veggies. With corns we can prepare many varities of soup. In Indo - chinese  the soups are very famous and there they call them the sweet corn soup as … [Read More...]

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Simple and Easy Tawa Roti

How to make Tawa Roti? Tawa Roti is usually prepared from unique variations of flour, wheat flour, cornflour, millet(bajra) flour, mixed flour. If the roti has prepared from mixed flour is more nutritious then making with any single flour. I prepare these … [Read More...]

how to make mysore bonda video, Mysore Bonda - Indian Recipes, Mysore Bonda-Ulundu Bonda

Home Made Mysore Bonda Recipe

Home Made Mysore Bonda Recipe Mysore Bonda is a very popular in south India and is one of the most popular breakfast recipe in Karnataka state. You can find this recipe in most of the breakfast restaurants. Mysore bonda is made of Maida and butter milk, In … [Read More...]

Puliyodharai, Tamarind Rice, Imli rice, Pulliodarai, how to make tamarind rice

How to Make Pulihora Andhra Style ~ Tamarind Rice

Pulihora Andhra style ~ Tamarind Rice Tamarind Pulihora is one of my favorite rice dish. It is one of the mostly made rice recipe in south India .It is usually prepared for festivals or for any good occassions. It is one the simplest dish that can be made … [Read More...]

kayi obbattu, obbattu recipe andhra, chakara obbattu, andhra sweet obbattu

How to Make Bobattu ~ Puran Poli

Andhra Style Bobattu / Puran Poli  Puran poli is very famous in Maharastra. In karnataka they call them as Holige. Bobbatlu or Bakshalu is even famous in andhra and which are prepared for festivals or for any occasions.  The "purnam" is prepared with chana … [Read More...]

How to Prepare Ragi Java Soup, ragi java for babies ragi java in english ragi java calories ragi java for weight loss

How to Make Ragi Java| Health Benefits of Ragi Malt

How to Make Ragi Java| Health Benefits of Ragi Malt  Ragi Malt is very popular in south india. It is one of the delicious drink for kids and old age people. We can even drink ragi java with milk or butter milk. It is very good during summer. The health … [Read More...]